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Thursday, September 20, 2007

New orphan tommorrow

A new baby arrives tomorrow. It’s coming from Lodja, the same place Lomela comes from. I spoke to Crispin, Lola’s vet, about it and he said stopping the bushmeat trade is impossible until people aren’t starving. Culturally, the Lodja people eat bonobos like we eat cows.

We know eating cows is bad, in terms of methane which feeds greenhouse gases, the environmental impact of cutting forests to grow grass, not to mention the food miles on it. But when was your last steak? Mine was a week ago.

So as Crispin pointed out, if we who are educated with dozens of other food options, still munch on steak, how are you going to tell men who can’t afford an egg, not to hunt the only free source of protein their family has?

So the baby arrives tomorrow. Even though I know what I know. It’s still going to break my heart.

Today Lomela smiled at me for the first time. It was beautiful.