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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Food for sex

Today we started my special study - food for sex. I want to see if i give the male an apple, whether the female will have sex with him to get the food. I want to know more about the role of sex in bonobo society - how they use it and why, and I suspect the females use it as a tool. The food for sex hypothesis hasn't been shown experimentally before, I don't think, so this will be interesting.

I did two pairs today. Malou (brian's favourite bonobo ever, even though she is a little tramp and flirted shamelessly with Michel, the young handsomeFrenchman who was here last time) and Kabulu.

Within 30 seconds Malou had sex with Kabulu and took the apple. This was Kabulu's face when she took it.

My next pair, Kikkers, his real name is Kikongo, but we call him Kikkers because he's such a goof ball.

Was with Likasi. Normally she and Kikkers have sex like crazy. Yesterday Likasi put his penis in her mouth. Today, nada. rien. zippo. They were like a pair of nuns.So the score is 1-1

Here is Likasi showing her normal libido, having sex with Api. Api is on top.

No baby yet. We think he is coming tonight on the 18:00 flight.