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Friday, September 7, 2007

Let's talk about sex - video

Update: Stuff it, we're going. Tory's arm is better. Apparently it got infected while she was shaving. Packing like crazy.

For all those people who think the sexuality of bonobos is exaggerated, I made this video for you.

Bonobos are the most sexual primates, and they might even be more sexual than us. They start having sex when they are less than a year old. They play with each other's genitals using their hands and mouths, and they have a karma sutra of sexual positions. They also tongue pash. But the most exciting thing to watch is G-G rubbing, where two females rub their clitoruses together really fast. You can see it in the video. They even scream, squeeze their thighs and shudder, implying they're having an orgasm.

Two females G-G rubbing

If you're a female, there isn't much point having sex if you don't want a baby. But bonobos, like us, have clued into the fact that sex can be lots of fun. But there are other reasons sex is good, especially lesbian activity. It deepens friendships and strengthens the bonds between females. Which is why female chimpanzees live in fear of their next beating, and bonobo females run the show.

I think human females often lose this connection. Noone is more vicious to females than other females. Backstabbing bitchiness goes on everywhere from the office to the nightclub. There would be more women in high places if other women weren't scheming to bring them down.

So come on, girls. Do a little G-G rubbing for the team.

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