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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Luisa the pin up girl

We started the picture study. The idea is, we give the bonobos a choice between two photos, a stranger and someone they know. We’re predicting the bonobos will prefer the stranger, and look/ touch/ sniff their photo more while the chimps will be afraid of the stranger and spend more time with the photo of someone familiar.

Secretly, I think this study is kind of dumb but we’ll see if anything interesting happens.

We tested 3 baby bonobos today. So far they were all more interested in Luisa, the little girl from the Leipzig Zoo than Mbano who they know. Iolo was so fascinated with Luisa that he was kissing her picture and masturbating with his foot.

My bite is better but it is still really really itchy!

Makali is also getting better but this morning we saw Kaza, one of the adult males, alone in the forest with a giant bite on his back. It was probably Makali, they don’t get along so well, being bonobo males. Either that or the females again. Jay-sus.

Today, Tatanga has sex with Semendwa, with partial involvement from Ilebo and Semendwa's baby.

A train has derailed near group 2 and it’s been there for 3 days.

Matadi used the grass near the lake as a waterslide.